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She was about to bolt again when suddenly they were both in the air, barely able to adjust to that movement both of them had slammed into the rooftop. The next thing she hear was the sound of metal crashing and the smell of heat and melted plastic. She wasn’t even aware that she had stopped breathing till it had gotten quiet and opened her eyes.

"I-I um…" Was the stammered gasp from her as she stared up at him looking into the white lenses. The terrible excuse for a wig had slipped off when he had grabbed them and brought them up exposing the long dark brown hair now fanned around her.

"You…" Words somehow couldn’t form as she gaped up at him with cheeks flushing pink at their unplanned position. "I…um…"

Marlene! Dick quickly rose from the top of the box, and began to brush off the dust from the explosion. “I’m, uh-” He began, stumbling over his own words. “I’m really sorry, miss.”

What the hell was Marlene, the so called quiet girl doing out this late, let alone trying to derail a Mask deal. Who was she? What was she hiding - and why was she hiding it.

"I didn’t mean to lay-" He continued to stutter. "I mean not that nobody would want to lay on you like that. I’m sure there are guys that do…" He cleared his throat. "What’s your name?"

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Immediately she stumbled back at the sight of the red and green caped crusader in front of her again. But then he started talking and suddenly she realized there was no sound in the harbor except the sounds of cranes moving and men shouting orders. As he explained she felt all the color drain from her features and a sense of despair settle in.

"You what?! Why would you-?!" Was the shrill before she stepped over the charged to shove her hands against him in a fit of unthinking anger. "I told you I’m not the bad guy here! That was a shipment for the Black Mask!"

"It had weapons and drugs in the two shipments beside it! If you had just left it alone he’d probably be crippled for next few months!" She continued on her rant trying to shove at him again before stepping back and kicking against the charge. Something her father had warned her against and about being extremely careful as she heard a faint beep from the supposedly dead weapons.

"T-That shouldn’t have beeped-"

"It shouldn’t have?" Dick said, looking down at the bomb. "It shouldn’t have!" The black screen was replaced by a countdown of ten seconds. Dick quickly lifted the bomb up and looked at its every angle.

Nine, eight, seven…

"Gah!" Dick shouted before just dropping it again. He reached for his grapple gun and shot it above. Scooping up the girl, he quickly rose above the crates to a safe distance from the blast.

Five, four, three…

"Get down!" He shouted, pushing the girl down and laying himself on top of her. 


An inferno rose from below them. It was not a loud explosion, but the sound still tore through the otherwise quiet night. As the dust cleared, he reopened his eyes to the brown eyes of the girl. He was still laying on top of her, in a rather suggestive matter. 

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The slight gasp and a bit ticked at the insult to her wig. She was a girl with limited resources and it was the best she could do. Glaring at him and unthinkingly stomping her foot (as an only child she was used to getting what she wanted) the brunette now blonde answered back. “Look you! I’m not leaving and those shipments are! And I’m not just gonna stand here while you hassle me about being here!”

Gotham academy was a fantastic school with the latest in technology for the student’s education. Especially the chemistry labs. Which happen to contain a specific element, Nitrogen, for making smoke bombs. One of which she kept on hand for tricky situations like now. Immediately she stuck her hand into her pocket pulling out the liquid vial before throwing on the ground and bolting straight for the shipments while she struggled to reach inside her bag for the explosives. Those she couldn’t make herself, but luckily her father was formerly a miner who had worked with them before and reconstructed them for her.

Hoping she had lost the boy wonder she immediately went about setting the charges on the main container from the shipment. Much to her chagrin the terrible wig had started to slip much like the hero had mentioned, but still she shoved it back into place before turning on her heel to get away from there as fast as she could run.

Dick quickly leapt to higher ground as the smoke began to fill the alley from the crates. “Idiot!” He grunted. “Now they’ll know somebody is here. Naive little girl trying to play hero!” Jumping from crate to crate, he watched carefully as the girl planted charges on certain crates. With a slight grin, he watched her run from her handy work. 

Quickly, he descended to look at the hand crafted bombs. They weren’t professionally made, nor were they meant to make any sort of large fireworks. Standard issue for an “activist” looking to make a difference in the world. Surely this girl was an anarchist trying to play vigilante.

Dick shuffled around his belt looking for defusers. Playing with the wiring on the first charge, he noticed the one fatal error the girl had made: no killswitch.

Amateur, Dick thought to himself. Snipping a wire, the timer on the charger disappeared, a black screen flooding where the countdown had been. Next. Moving on to the second, he did virtually the same technique as before. Both charges at been disarmed as he once again shot his hook up above. Still managing to remain undetected, he looked for the anarchist. 

He noticed her making a break for it away from the Harbour. She would probably be expecting to hear explosions by now, so no doubt, she would be filled with utter confusion.

With a laugh that filled the night, he took one final leap, landing in front of the girl. “Nice trick with the smoke bomb back there. Nitrogen is a hell of a chemical, you should be more careful with it.” He said, a grin matching his crossed arms. “As for the bombs, those would be more impressive had you remembered a defence mechanism for them.” He tossed the two harmless charges on the ground in front of her.

"Look, I don’t know what your deal is. I’m sure you were trying to help; but you have to understand, you just planted bombs. That kind of blurs the line for me between whether you are a friend or foe - so why don’t you help me clear that up, huh?"

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She cursed herself for jumping again and letting herself be followed. Again. She also couldn’t help the ticked off look that was aimed at the boy wonder in return for continuing after her when the real problem was out there.  “Which is why you should be out there!”

Hands gestured out over the crate for a split second towards the men moving and working about. Lips pursed as she peered at them then back to the vigilante currently foiling her plan. And it was supposed to be a pretty easy one too tonight.  “They’re the bad guys, not me! They’re moving Black Mask shipments tonight! You’re a hero-” She pleaded. “-go stop them!”

And leave me alone! I can’t screw this one up!

"You’re right. should be out there. You, on the other hand should be nowhere near here.” He said, with a stern voice. Yikes, Bats was clearly getting to him - he was even starting to sound like him. 

"By the way, that is a horrid wig. I can see your real hair coming out the back." He laughed, carelessly reaching for the blonde hair. "It’s not even real hair!"

"I am not going anywhere until you are out of the premise. Clear?"

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It took everything not to shriek at the sudden tap and voice. Hazel orbs looked to the voice then felt her heart almost literally leap into her throat.  Oh nononoono. Robin!? She could’ve just cried right then and there. If there was ever a fan, or supporter of the Bat and Bird then it was her. But now- Right now was the worst timing in the history of timing.

The girl only offered a weak smile and a bob of blonde hair from the wig. Not everyone wore eye masks and she didn’t care for Ski masks with Gotham’s weather. “A-Ah right. I just kinda got lost?”

Immediately she moved from her hiding spot and away from him quickly tugging her backpack behind her as she edged away. Just walk away. Just walk away and we try again another time-But the sick feeling in her stomach at seeing Robin was only made worse at the thought of giving up a perfect opportunity.

Turning away from him she quickly started to walk away still keeping to the shadows, but still towards her target of intent. Robin or no Robin, I have to do this. For Mom and Dad. I have to.

Dick raised a brow. There was no way a girl her age was walking straight into the belly of the beast - alone at that. Dick followed closely behind her, but staying a reasonable distance not allowing her to realize she was being followed. 

Within about five minutes, he saw the girl stopped again. Quite the curious little thing. Dick couldn’t allow this to go on any longer. This was no place for her, and he was about to make sure she knew that.

Once again, he stepped out from the shadows behind her. “Still around I see…” Dick trailed, leaning his back against a shipment crate. “It’s really dangerous here, y’know. Nothing good is about to come out of this.”

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The events of school had entirely been forgotten in the teen’s mind as she made her way through the shadowy maze of crates and trailers sitting in Gotham Harbor. Teeth bit down nervously along with the sound of her sneakers scraping the asphalt and over broken glass till…

Dick moved carefully through the shadows. It was now the late evening, and the moon had replaced the sun in the sky. Bruce had told him about a potential threat that was going to take place down at the Harbour. Lately, Bruce had been trusting him to go at things on his own. Rights of passage. In the Wayne family, you don’t get a pat on the back, or a “you did good” pat on the back - no, you got to go deeper into danger.

Dick crouched on the top of some shipping crates as he observed down below. Thugs, some armed, some not, were perusing the area attentively. Could be drugs. Could be weapons. Didn’t really matter. It was Robin’s job to make sure whatever was going on wouldn’t happen.

Fiddling with his belt, he searched for his grappling hook. An ariel attack would probably be best at this angle, but Dick was one thing before all others: a detective. 

Silently, he dropped from the crates into an hallway hidden well behind some scrap and a forklift. As he approached, he could see a small figure with her back to him, leaning over the lift and looking over. Slowly, he neared the figure and tapped her on the shoulder.

With a gentle smile, he spoke quietly. “I’d get out of here if I were you.”

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"Please," He said wearing a gentle and charming smile. "Call me, Dick. That’s what all my friends call me.” He bent over to pick up his bag where he had placed it before the initial conversation. He had left it open without noticing when had placed it on the floor. Upon…


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"Please," He said wearing a gentle and charming smile. "Call me, Dick. That’s what all my friends call me.” He bent over to pick up his bag where he had placed it before the initial conversation. He had left it open without noticing when had placed it on the floor. Upon…


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"I guess I can’t-" She continued grinning at him before unthinkingly reaching out to pat his shoulder reassuringly. There were so many times she forgot things or misspoke that this little one, especially something that can be confusing like that didn’t bother her in the slightest.

"We’ll have a study meeting tomorrow after lunch then we can meet up-" She was about to say a place before remembering something particular about it then changing her mind. "-I’ll come find you and we’ll find a quiet corner, Richard."

"Please," He said wearing a gentle and charming smile. "Call me, Dick. That’s what all my friends call me.” He bent over to pick up his bag where he had placed it before the initial conversation. He had left it open without noticing when had placed it on the floor. Upon gazing down while lifting it, he could see a yellow R staring him right in the face jumbled in with assorted text books.

He frantically threw the bag over his shoulder and ran around the corner while lifting his hand to wave goodbye. “Catch ya tomorrow, Lene! Gotta run!”

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